misters story


Misters was conceived when longtime friends Alex and Fraser were flatting together in their early 20's. Both working demanding jobs and not being able to find the food they wanted to eat, they envisioned an establishment  that focused on food that above all else, tasted good but made us feel good too. For us this means no gluten, dairy or refined sugar. It means using lots of high quality organic wholefoods and traditionally farmed protein from land and sea.

It just makes more sense now, more than ever to make a conscious decision about what we're putting in to our bodies and how that can help our health. 
After all, health is the greatest wealth of all.



We support local & organic producers in sourcing our fruit, vegetables, meat & dry goods. 

Our fresh produce supplier works directly with our growers to keep us close to the people growing the fresh fruit & vegetables we use in our kitchen. We believe our food is only as good as the produce we use, so we use the best.



Catch of the day - caught on long lines or in small nets, our fishermen care about the ocean that puts food on our tables.
Rangitikei Free Range Chicken - grass fed, no antibiotics, no hormones, no cages, no pens, only open pasture
Grass Fed NZ Beef Brisket - A Japanese cattle breed, free to roam in lush New Zealand paddocks, eating grass for all of their lives.
Hawkes Bay Natural Lamb -
The finest export-quality lamb, grass-fed in lush free-range natural pastures, with no antibiotics or hormones



All of our menu comes packaged for takeaway. Made from plants, not oil and entirely compostable, it takes just 4 weeks for our packaging to break down at the composting plant. There, it’s bagged up for other folk take away for use in their gardens.



We’re a proud part of We Compost, a network committed to reducing & recycling organic waste. All of our green waste and packaging is picked up & sent to compost.



We’re dedicated to serving real food.

Food is our passion and we love to eat. We think food should taste good and make you feel good.

 That’s why we produce all of our food in our own kitchen using organic whole foods, traditionally farmed meats & vegetables and raw seasonal produce with a balance of protein from land & sea as well as vegan, vegetarian & grain free choices.

Our kitchen is gluten & dairy free and that means everything that comes in our out of it is too. If you're trying to avoid certain types of food, you're safe with us.




Our menu changes infrequently to take advantage of all the good local seasonal produce available.

We buy organic local ingredients to produce our seasonal menus because we want to. We believe in it. Fruits and vegetables taste better when they're the pick of the crop. and that means our food does too.

It also means that we get to support more local and organic farmers so that they can continue to produce top quality produce for us and future generations to enjoy. 



Hand crafted by us in house every morning, our sweet treats are made from the best organic & natural ingredients. Free from any gluten, dairy & refined sugar.

We like to keep a revolving choice of raw, vegan & grain free options on offer. Our daily selection rotates frequently and we add new creations regularly.



Made fresh to order using our house made organic nut milks, each smoothie is a thoughtful combination of ingredients that’ll both tickle your taste buds and leave your health in good stead. 

Our set smoothie menu is available year round with our originals Nut Butter & Date, Cacao, Green, Super Green and Berry & Banana. We’ll then look to the best seasonal produce to create specials like our Spiced Butternut Smoothie in Winter and our Apple Pie Smoothie in Spring.



In the early days we made cold-press juice ourselves each morning but after breaking numerous machines we've outsourced the operation to one of our trusted suppliers.

This means we can almost guarantee a daily supply to ensure we've got one of these concentrated bottles of goodness at hand whenever you're in the mood for one.

Cold pressed juice has been slowly pressed out of the fruit or vegetable and the result is the best tasting juice we'll ever care to know. 



Made fresh in house every morning using a simple combination of activated organic nuts, filtered water & a pinch of salt.

Our nut milks are the perfect partner to our house made smoothies. They're also a swell pairing in your morning or afternoon brew. Almond, cashew, coconut and hazelnut options available daily.



In the pursuit of crafting the finest brew, we’ve gone to great lengths & minute detail. An extensive cupping session with our master roaster in the early days yielded two unique blends, Black & White.

White brings together beans from Guatemala, Java & Brazil. The result is a robust & earthy flavour with the gusto to shine through it's partner. Whether it be organic Waikato dairy, soy or housemade organic nut milk.

Black brings together beans from Brazil & El Salvador. The result is a subtle & fragrant flavour to enjoy neat, or with a touch of hot water.