misters story

The year was 2013 and long time friends Alex and Fraser began forging together an idea to pursue their dream of creating a company that would allow them to share the food they cared about.

Both possessing a deep love for food, it was only in their early 20's when flatting together that they began to develop their own style of food. It was around this time both Alex and Fraser realised that some foods just didn't make them feel any good. So, they started changing the way they were cooking and developed their style of food that they struggled to find anywhere else.

Both working demanding jobs and not being able to find the food they wanted to eat, a light bulb went off and so the Misters story began. Along the way, they began to see food as both nourishment and an experience. Food should not only taste good but it should make us feel good. They knew for Misters this meant no gluten, dairy or refined sugar. It meant using lots of high quality whole foods [preferably organic] and traditionally farmed protein from land and sea.

It just makes more sense now, more than ever that we should be thinking about what we're eating and investing in our health. After all, health is the greatest wealth of all.