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Our Story

Misters provides smoothies, juices, coffee, breakfast, lunch & sweets made from the best local, seasonal organic produce at 12 Wyndham Street, Auckland Central. Everything we make is 100% gluten and dairy free.

Real food means using lots of high quality organic wholefoods and traditionally farmed protein from land and sea. That means we provide plenty of vegan, vegetarian & grain free choices too.

All of our menu comes packaged for takeaway. Made from plants, not oil and entirely compostable, our packaging takes just 4 weeks to break down at the composting plant.

We’re a proud member of We Compost, a network committed to reducing & recycling organic waste. All our green waste and packaging is sent to compost each week.

Our packaging is made by NZ’s first carbon zero packaging company, Ecoware. All packaging is compostable & made from materials that are by-products of existing industries. Meaning that together, we’re all contributing to a more sustainable ecosystem.

‘WeCompost’ are a specialist food & packaging waste collection with the aim of turning rubbish into a future resource. They collect anything that can be composted in a commercial compost. This includes all food waste, garden waste, paper & compostable packaging. Our involvement with WeCompost means that almost all of our waste finds its way to the compost each week where it can be transformed into a usable resource in as little as 6 weeks.